Why aren't peace loving muslim countries taking refugees
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2017-01-31 17:17:34 UTC
Why aren't any of the 50 muslim majority countries taking in all
these muslim refugees?
Of course they don't want to take Syrian refugees, but that has little to do
with the risk of importing terrorism. They want those refugees, who are
overwhelmingly Muslim, to go to Western countries so they can export jihad
there. That has always been the aim of these Arab countries, who are of
course the major financiers of world terrorism themselves. It is called the
Hejira -- jihad by emigration.

The idiots in charge of the E.U. are bending over backwards to make certain
Western Civilization is destroyed in favor of the Cult of Death Islam which
follows the word of a pedophile prophet Mohammed, and may Allah the
Unmerciful piss upon them all.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING has changed with these backward barbarians since
600 AD. It has been a constant war of convert the Infidels or kill them if
they won't but the Liberal Regressives just don't want to believe 1,400
years of history, or what Iran tells us on a daily basis death to Israel,
death to America, death to the West. Liberals don't actually think (or read
History) They only go by feelings. It feels good to them to help these poor
people because then the Lib can feel superior to everybody else. Its always
about the Lib and his delusional worldview. When you think about actually
solving a problem that is totally weird and "unfeeling" to a Lib so they
don't practice thinking. Of course this leads to catastrophe but Libturds do
not accept blame, they just move on to the next feeling...
2017-01-31 22:33:50 UTC
"One of the most astounding instances of Jewish hypocrisy was uttered
by a Jew named Isi Leibler, who is no less than the chairman of the
governing board of the World Jewish Congress. Now Isi Leibler is
well-known as a powerful Jew in Australia, where he was for years the
official head of the Jewish community there. He now lives in Israel.

In an interview with a Jerusalem newspaper, he stated about Israel
"This is a country which was set up and created as a Jewish country
for the Jews." In an essay he wrote for the World Jewish Congress, he
decried intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews as a kind of racial
suicide, and likened assimilation with non-Jews as a slow bleeding to
death of the Jewish people. He emphasized that focus of Israeli policy
should be to sharpen and intensify Jewish identity and that even
giving up territory was acceptable if it meant getting rid of non-Jews
and making Israel a more nearly all-Jewish state. Leibler argues that
post-Zionists threaten Israel when they publish textbooks that
de-emphasize Jewish racial interests and replace them with
"universalist" history. In the interview mentioned, Leibler went so
far as to say: "Multiculturalism has no place in Israel. Israel was
created as a Jewish state for the Jews." That's the Jew Isi Leibler
talking about his own people's country, talking about Israel.

[Leibler, Isi: Is the Dream Ending? Post-Zionism and its Discontents -
A Threat to the Jewish Future, Institute of the World Jewish Congress,

But what was Isi Leibler saying when he lived in Australia, a White
country, a non-Jewish country? What was Isi Leibler saying when he was
the head of Australia's powerful Jewish minority? Isi Leibler's advice
to Israel is to protect its racial and cultural heritage.

Isi Leibler's advice to Jews is to avoid intermarriage. Isi Leibler
thinks it's just fine -- even necessary -- to separate non-Jews from
Jews in Israel, to get non-Jews on the other side of a well-defended
border, to throw them out of Israel. But to Australians Isi Leibler
played quite a different tune. When Australian politician Pauline
Hanson was galvanizing White Australians in 1993 with her questioning
of the wisdom of non-White immigration to that country, Leibler warned
that "extremists" were threatening precious multiculturalism. He said:
"There is a need to sit together and establish a way in which
Australians can recapture that spirit of multiculturalism which I
think we are all proud being part and parcel of, and which is really
under threat?" [Australian Herald-Sun,
September 27, 2000]

How much clearer does it have to be before you see it? Leibler and his
fellow powerful Jews want racial nationalism for their own people,
because racial nationalism makes them strong and ensures their
survival. They want racial nationalism because they want their kind to
survive and racial nationalism is the key to survival. They're not
stupid. They want what is best for Jews.

But Leibler and his fellow powerful Jews don't want racial nationalism
for White people. In Australia and Europe and South Africa and the
United States - wherever White people live -- Leibler and his kind in
Jewish organizations and in the Jewish-controlled media do everything
in their power to destroy racial nationalism for White people,
everything in their power to keep us from having it, everything in
their power to make it disreputable and impossible and illegal. Just
the other day, Leibler said that one of the most important things in
the world to him was Israel's "right to exist as a sovereign Jewish
state." [Israel Insider, November 24, 2002]

But Leibler and his co-racialists in the Jewish ADL and other groups
devote their lives and their billions to preventing White people from
claiming their right to sovereign White states. Keeping Britain
British, or keeping America American, or keeping France French, is
anathema to them, it is the ultimate in evil and they never let us
forget that."

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