How do u say Human Rights in American?
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2017-03-02 00:36:06 UTC
The term "human rights" is a western construct.
Democracy and Islam are incompatible. This quote from mullah Ansar
al-Sunnah in 2005 tells us all we need to know about democracy and the
Muslim world: "Democracy is a Greek word meaning the rule of the people,
which means that the people do what they see fit. This concept is
considered apostasy and defies the belief in one God."

As the West explores the universe, goes to the stars, unravels the very
fabric of our DNA, Islam is still a shithole intellectual wasteland, fixated
on its pseudo-religious babble, and fueled by a totalitarian ideology which
ensures its eventual destruction from within. Already, its main battle is
within as it murders its own tribe daily. Islam divides the world into
Believers and Non-Believers.

Unfortunately for Islam, the Believers have been living in poverty and
ignorance for centuries. As long as the asslifters kill each other, I have
no problem with it at all. Were it not for the oil we could sit back and
watch it as low-grade entertainment, like the Hutus and Tutsis doing the
hack-and-chop peepee dance.

Plug in "Islamic Science" in Google, and you don't find much.

Islam is going through its death throes in front of our eyes.

Were it not for the oil, we could just pull out and watch the Allah-akhbar
sand monkeys slaughter each other: Sunni vs.Shiite, Iraqi-style Shiite vs.
Iranian-style Shiite, Sufi vs. Druze, assorted tribal clans handing down
religious feuds from one generation to the next, etc. I wonder if it has
reached the point that it would actually be cheaper in the long run to pull
out and drill our own oil or buy it elsewhere (the law of diminishing
returns). Bomb the oil fields and refineries on our way out and abandon the
camel jocks to their fate. If they persist in terrorism in the West, nuke
and nerve-gas them out of the 21st Century. Once the brouhaha about the
"Mother of all Ethnic Cleansings" dies down, nobody will miss them...
Andrew Swallow
2017-03-02 04:37:26 UTC
On 02/03/2017 00:36, Byker wrote:
Post by Byker
Bomb the oil fields and refineries on our way out and abandon the
camel jocks to their fate.
No need. Probably only the Iranians and Iraqis can make their own spare
parts. The rest of the Middle East will follow the same death spiral as

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