German psychitarist speaks to the futility of integrating Muslim migrants from warring nations
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2017-10-05 00:47:45 UTC

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Psychiatrist Warns of ‘Time Bomb’ in Germany: ‘Today’s Migrants Are Not

3 Oct 20171,175

A psychiatrist has warned that Germany faces a “time bomb” as a result of
the mass migration of young men who have “crazy potential for aggression”.

“This is a time bomb,” Christian Peter Dogs said of the decision to open
Germany’s borders, in an appearance on the Peter Hahne talkshow on ZDF last
month, explaining that psychiatry has found people’s temperament and
personality are usually fixed by the age of 12.

Stating that migrants “can’t just ‘be taught’ to understand our values”, he
said that classes on how to behave in Germany were unlikely to have much
effect, adding: “You have to accept that.”

“There are people who have crazy potential for aggression because they have
grown up surrounded by war. They have learned to fight and don’t even know
the meaning of living harmoniously,” said Dogs.

On the Peter Hahne show episode — the topic of which was “the power of
fear” — the psychiatrist said the biggest mistake politicians are making
now, with regards to the migrant influx, is their response to voters’
concerns on the issue.

People are “neither ‘far right’ nor anything else”, he said, noting how
critics of mass migration have been pathologised as “bad” and “far right”,
whilst reports of problems with regards to the newcomers’ behaviour have
been suppressed.

Dogs, who directs the Max-Grundig psychosomatic clinic in Bühlerhöhe, said
people are “genuinely afraid and feeling insecure”, reporting that his
clinic treats a large number of people suffering from severe anxiety
disorders who feel too afraid to leave their homes since the flood of

“These people feel completely betrayed by politics,” the psychiatrist said,
stressing: “It is vital that politicians take citizens’ fears seriously,
because fear is a natural emotion that we are pre-programmed to feel, and
politicians are not supposed to lead us into danger.”

Since 2015, when more than a million migrants entered Germany at the
invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the government has embarked on a war
against online “hate speech”, with police conducting raids on the homes of
people suspected of posting comments critical of migrants to social media.

The crackdown on free speech has not been without controversy, however, with
the government receiving criticism after its partnership with former Stasi
informant Anetta Kahane was revealed.

Dr. Hubertus Knabe, a Stasi expert and academic who specialises in Communist
political oppression, was amongst voices who slammed the government for
working with Kahane, saying she was unfit to lead any task force charged
with censoring speech online.


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Post by Byker
Post by Byker
Psychiatrist Warns of ‘Time Bomb’ in Germany: ‘Today’s Migrants Are Not
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